Directions to the Mill House

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Local area mapThis map shows where you're aiming for. The address is 1379 Lincoln Road, Werrington, Peterborough, PE4 6LT.

By Rail

Arrive at Peterborough Railway Station. Either

By Bus

Arrive at Peterborough Bus Station. You want a Stagecoach number 1 bus, from bay 14 - every 10 mins daytime, every half hour or hour evenings/Sundays - or a Delaine 201 from bay 9 - every half hour during the day. Ask for Lincoln Road, Werrington, and expect to pay about £2.60 on the 1.

Due to Stagecoach not actually caring about their passengers, you'll find that the number 1 bus now only goes the wrong way round Werrington, and your best bet is to get off at the village green and walk back to the Cock Inn and up Lincoln Road. Alternatively, stay on through the loop, and once you turn back onto Lincoln Road its the second stop, right outside the house just about.

By Road

From the A1 South

At this point you will see a bloomin' great onion dome above the trees. This is in fact the Mill. As you get closer you'll also see a big square house facing you, with solar panels on the roof: this is the Mill House.

From the A1 North

Proceed as above.

From the A47 West

Proceed as above once you cross the A1

From the A15 North

The Mill House is halfway down on your left.